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Journal of Basic and Clinical Pathophysiology is dedicated to the fast publication of original research papers related, in the broadest sense, to basic and clinical aspects of pathophysiology. Papers in all areas with an emphasis on molecular, cellular and particularly with a mechanistic attitude will be considered for publication.

The Journal of Basic & Clinical Pathophysiology is accredited the scientific and research rank by the Medical  Journals Commission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 1-55 

1. Preventive effect of citalopram on migraine headaches: a double-blinded randomized clinical trial

Pages 1-6


Shahrzad Torabipour; Younes Roohani; Ali Davati; Iman Ansari; Mehrdad Roghani; Seyed Mohammad Bagher Akhavirad; Shahryar Pourfarzam; Masoud Moghadamnia; Siamak Afshinmajd

3. Injection of colchicine into the dorsal striatum of rat's brain induces epilepsy

Pages 15-21


Atiyeh Nejadebrahim; Manizheh Karami; Mehrdad Roghani; Zahra Fakhroleslam

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